About Us

This website was funded by two grants to Dr. Patricia Weitzman and Environment and Health Group from the National Institutes of Health.

Environment and Health Group, Cambridge, MA, develops e-health solutions for a wide range of patient populations, especially minority and disadvantaged populations.

Project Director

Dr. Patricia Flynn Weitzman is a senior research scientist at Environment and Health Group. She holds a PhD in developmental psychology, and is a certified life coach (CMC). Dr. Weitzman's research focuses on promoting health and resilience among culturally-diverse older adults.

Project Consultants:

Dr. Deborah Carr is a professor of sociology at Rutgers University. Dr. Carr's research focuses on how work and family experiences over the life course, and across birth cohorts, affect psychological well-being. She is a nationally-recognized expert on "gray divorce."

Dr. Sue Levkoff is a principal at Environment and Health Group. She is also Endowed Chair, SeniorSMART Center of Economic Excellence at the University of South Carolina School of Social Work. 

Dr. James Maxwell is a principal at Environment and Health Group. He is a healthcare economist.

Project Coordinator

Jie Yang Sharir, MA., is a health communication specialist at Environment and Health Group. Jie is also a graphic designer. 


Laurie Kahn is a documentary filmmaker, and head of Blueberry Hill Productions, Watertown, MA.

Sarah Mack, M.A., is a creative healthcare communications strategist and video producer who helps patients, researchers, and advocacy groups create educational digital content.